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LS850 High Speed Frequency Inverter

Application: engraving machinery, drilling machinery, CNC spindles Frequency rang:0~3333.4Hz SSPWM Introduction SSSPWM full name is Symmetically Synchronized Sine PWM,the meaning reference as below: “Carrier Synchronous、Full symmetrysinwavePWM Modulate. You can see from the figure below (left), by LS unique wave algorithms, between the inverter output phase voltage and line voltage has physically【Symmetrical】、【Point symmetry】Special effects; the purpose is to completely eliminate the low order frequency (sub) harmonics and reduce the high octave (super) harmonic components. The ultimate aim, not only can reduce ineffective motor circulation, reduce motor heating temperature, but also achieve the best effect of vibration suppression  

ac drive / frequency inverters / ac motor speed controller / LS650 / VFD / variable frequency / speed controller

◆CT Series unique overload capacity:150%/60s ◆VT Series unique overload capacity:120%/60s ◆High reliability and low energy loss  (New generation IGBT Module) ◆Output Frequency:0.01Hz~300.00Hz,Built-in  AVR Function ◆Multi-function PID setting,PID for pump only ◆Built-in intelligent multi-function pump only  parameters ◆Built-in series communication interface RS-485  (Baud rate to 34800) ◆Digital monitoring software ◆Setting of S-curve,linear curve and V/F curve ◆8 sets of acceleration/deceleration selections  with slip compensation ◆16-step speed presetting and 16-step  programmable automation and PLC  programming

Brake Resistors

 Voltage Range  100 W~10 KW  Resistance  5~500Ω

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